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Prices 2022

1 person each night in shared room with pillow/blankets/linen.     kr. 275,-

1 person each night in shared room in own sleepingbag.               kr. 225,-

Supplementary price for single room.                                          kr. 200,-

1 person each daytimeuse, only 10.00 until 22.00.                       kr. 100,- (use of kitchen, bath and livingrooms)

Luggagestoring (from 14.00 until departure in the evening)            kr. 50,-

Double room with 2 person, with blankets/linen.                           kr. 650,-

Washing or drying pr mashine.                                                     kr.  80,-

Towel rent                                                                                  kr.  15,-

Sheet rental for the whole period. (you have to use sheet)              kr.  50,-


Chekin after 22.00 costs an extra                                                  kr. 600,-

By staying overnight in shared room, you might be accomadated along with other guests if the hostell ia all full.

We only accept cash. dk/kr, euro or USD.